Kurs Rupiah Hari Ini dari Pelbagai Bank di Indonesia

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USD 13492.00 13472.00
SGD 9671.06 9651.06
EUR 15259.05 15159.05
AUD 9612.90 9532.90
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Give Away Company Marked Products At Cheap Wholesale Prices

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Are you thinking of new types of promotional items you can use to drum up hype for your company? Sure everyone has stress balls, caps, drinking bottles, and jackets—but why don’t you offer something that will really stand out from these commonplace items? The company I work for was organizing an event and I was put in charge of the prizes for the raffle. The department head had given me a larger budget than usual explaining that they wanted to be able to make a really big impression on the people who will be attending the event and will draw more attention to future promotions from the company. I decided that instead of the usual items, I would have the company logo placed on some consumer electronics products like mp4 players and other electronic gadgets that I could buy wholesale.

Chinavasion sets itself apart from other China suppliers because they can offer wholesale prices even for individual pieces. All you have to do is sign up for a free account and you will be able to see the dramatic difference in prices. The best part is that if you do decide to buy in bulk, the discounts are even bigger. Chinavasion buys directly from Chinese manufacturers and perform strict quality control in their warehouse to ensure that the products that are shipped out will be of the highest quality available. They ship all over the world and you can even choose from the following shipping methods: UPS, DHL, FedEx, airmail, EMS, or bulk freight forwarders. Everyone was amazed that I was able to buy high quality wholesale products all the way from China without having to spend a lot of money. Thanks to Chinavasion, everyone can afford to have the latest in cutting edge technology.